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Welcome to The Freedom Institute

Tailored Learning, Unparalleled Academics

We foster a high school environment that celebrates individuality, enterprise, and practicality. We combine the best of self-directed flexibility with unparalleled academic guidance and engagement to set the stage for future success. We believe liberty and prosperity go hand in hand. Visit the Freedom Institute and see for yourself.

Unlock Your Full High School
Potential with Our C5 Curriculum.


We teach high school English, math, and science in their traditional forms.


Our American Government and History classes are based on the Hillsdale 1776 curriculum, a traditional and patriotic approach.


Our curriculum helps students assess their skills and make informed choices about their college and career pursuits.


Our students will gain a comprehensive understanding of personal finance, budgeting, banking, investing, and more.


We teach Hard Work, Respect, Patriotism, and Kindness as the foundation for productive citizenship.

Students Meet Today’s Biggest Thought Leaders

Leadership Series

Monthly, our students can interact directly with Freedom Leaders, learning from these extraordinarily successful individuals about their careers and contributions to our country and community.

The Freedom Opportunity

Scholarship opportunities may be available.
Please call at 239 427 1776.

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Chief Executive Officer

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Christy Vaill

Senior Success Coach

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Success Coach

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Marketing Director

Cheryl Vonderau

Administrative Assistant

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